Gx™ Clinical Genetic Testing

Learn more about Gx™ genetic testing for precision health and precision medicine

Precision Health and Precision Medicine through Gx™ Genetic Testing

Our genes are responsible for causing various diseases as well as how the body processes different medications or food. Genetic testing creates a personalized approach to healthcare , and can aid in diagnosis, treatment, nutrition selection.

Genetic Tests Offered by Otogenetics

Otogenetics offers the broad Gx™ Clinical Exome Test and diseas- or condition-specific  Gx™ Gene Panel Tests designed to aid genetic risk assessment, screening of carrier status and newborns, diagnosis of diseases, and optimization of medications and nutrition choices.

Clinicians rely on us to provide them with the genetic testing they need. Fill out our online provider form here or download the printable form here to get started with Otogenetics' Gx-Genetic Testing.

Advantage of Gx™ Genetic Testing

  • Otogenetics is one of the first NGS laboratories in the world, funded with support from National Institute of Health (USA) to develop high throughput NGS genetic tests.
  • Among the first labs enrolled in CAP NGS proficiency test, with consistently 100% accuracy.
  • >25000 NGS samples processed.
  • >30 countries in 6 continents are serviced.