Customer Forms

Download instructions and forms to start your project with Otogenetics

For Sample submission:

Please use the appropriate sample form (i.e. DNA/RNA), billing form and follow our standard sample submission procedure to send your samples and documents.

Note: Please email the signed quote, sample form, billing form, along with tracking information to [email protected], in addition to including a copy in the shipping container with your samples, so that we will be able to track your package and properly identify your samples when they arrive.

You can upload your sample information sheet to your Lablink account to ensure accuracy and also to track the status of your project. New to Lablink? Click here to learn how to create an account and upload your samples!

If you are submitting raw materials, please indicate on the sample form the type of samples (such as saliva, frozen tissues, blood, etc) and the materials to be extracted (such as total gDNA or total RNA).

Sample Receiving Address: 4553 Winters Chapel Rd., Suite 100 Atlanta, GA USA 30360

Forms For All Sequencing Projects:

Forms For DNA Sequencing Projects:

Forms For RNA Sequencing Projects:

If you questions regarding our forms or the sample submission process, please contact us at 1-855-otogene (686-4363) or email us at [email protected]