Gx™ Usher Gene Testing

Otogenetics uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to specifically target genes known to be associated with diseases of interest - a cost effective tool for disease diagnosis.

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Usher Syndrome can have different and complex causes

Usher syndrome is related to 3 to 6 percent of all childhood deafness and about 50% of deaf-blindness in adults, representing about half of all people who are both deaf and blind. The syndrome is caused by genetic mutations causing retinitis pigmentosa and congenital deafness.

Get the full picture. We’ve designed the robust and cost-effective Usher Panel to help you understand the cause of hearing deficit and blindness in Usher syndrome. Otogenetics Usher Gene Panel has been used to identify gene mutations and copy number variation (CNV) in the Usher genes. In addition, clinical researchers used Otogenetics Usher Gene Panel Testing to investigate Usher gene mutation frequency in certain population

Why Go Through Multiple Steps of Genetic Testing?

The Otogenetics Usher Gene Testing assesses 10 genes known to be related to usher syndrome in a single test.

  • This comprehensive Usher Gene Testing provides you with a robust and clinically-actionable data to minimize the need for further testing to diagnose the cause of hearing deficits and blindness
  • The traditional single gene testing provides limited information and often requires further genetic sequencing to determine the exact cause of the syndrome, resulting in delays in diagnosis
  • Early detection of Usher gene mutations prior to the onset of blindness could advise on preventative measure to delay onset of blindness and corrective medical intervention for deafness
  • We’ve created this unique and comprehensive panel to give you the full picture, in an efficient and cost-effective way

Option to Test for Novel Usher Genes

The genetic causes for many Usher syndrome patients remain unknown. Novel genetic causes for Usher may be identified by a more comprehensive genetic test.  Want to examine more genes for the diagnosis of novel genetic causes of rare diseases including Usher syndrome? Click here to view our clinical whole exome sequencing.

Flexible Reporting Options To Meet Your Needs

Otogenetics Usher Gene Testing can be used for clinical diagnostic of patients. For clinical diagnosis, click the requisition form link on the right to download the Requisition Form for the testing.

Otogenetics Usher Gene Testing can also be used for research, which will not require a clinical report, but raw sequencing data or selected analysis options. For researchers interested at Otogenetics Usher Panel, click to submit a quote request for more information.

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