RNA-Sequencing for Low Input Samples

RNA-Seq is a powerful tool to profile gene expression and to identify new transcripts and structure variations. However, the assays generally require a considerable amount of RNA or tissues/cells to achieve consistent results with high fidelity. The RNA-Seq assays optimized by Otogenetics support the use of low sample quantities for RNA-Seq without sacrificing data quality or reproducibility.

Otogenetics now offers direct RNA-seq with polyA cDNA synthesis from low input samples. Please contact Otogenetics (sales@otogenetics.com) for instructions of sample handling, preparation, and shipping specific to your sample type and volume.

As little as 10 cells can be used to generate high fidelity gene expression profiles using direct RNA-Seq assays optimized by Otogenetics. Please see our white paper for details.

Flexible sequencing scale (request any depth)

  • 8-20 million reads – expression analysis
  • 40 million reads – detect splicing
  • 80 million reads – low frequency transcripts

Reporting Options to Fit Your Needs

Whatever your needs, Otogenetics Corporation offers the expertise to help you get what you need. Our options include:

  • Raw Data (Fastq files)
  • Mapping, Alignment and Expression Levels
  • Comparison of expression levels between samples or sample groups
  • Gene Enrichment Analysis
  • Custom Analysis Available