Early Cancer Screen is Associated Positively with Life Expectancy.

Gx™ Inherited Cancer Gene Testing (Gx™ InhCa)
Analyzes 39 genes linked to breast, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, and other major types of cancers

Early cancer screen contributes to greatly increased life expectancy in the US, according to a recent report in JAMA Internal Medicine. Approximately 0.3% of the population are carriers of a genetic mutation that has a large effect on cancer risk, accounting for about 5–10% of all cancers. Gx™ InhCa analysis 39 genes associated with major types of cancers, offering an effective tool for cancer risk screen and diagnosis.
The testing Provides:

  • Diagnosis of clinical condition
  • Assess cancer susceptibility
  • Identification of at-risk family members
  • Guidance for disease prognosis
  • Implications for therapeutic drugs

Candidates for Gx™ InhCa Testing

  • Patient with a family history of cancers
  • Patients who are at risk for other cancers
  • Patients with pre-cancer conditions

Flexible Options to Select Testing for a Subset of 39 Gx™ InhCa Genes:

  • Gx™ BrCa1/2 – BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, sequencing and Del/Dup
  • Gx™ BrOvCa – 15 Genes linked to breast and ovarian cancers
  • Gx™ CRCa – 12 Genes linked to colorectal cancers
  • Gx™ LynS – 5 Genes linked to Lynch Syndrome


39 Genes Sampled