How to Access a Genetic Counselor at No Cost to You
Otogenetics is partnered with several genetic counseling services to provide a genetic counseling session to you at no additional cost. To access this service at no cost to you, please follow the instruction below.

Call +1 (855) 686-4363 option 3 to schedule a genetic counseling appointment.

What is a Genetic Counselor?
Your healthcare provider may recommend talking with a genetic counselor. A genetic counselor is a healthcare professional with specialized training in genetics, genetic family history and genetic testing. A genetic counselor can:

  • Help you understand your risk given your family history.
  • Help you understand results of a genetic test and what they may mean for you.
  • Help you make the most informed healthcare decisions that are right for you.


What to Expect During a Genetic Counseling Appointment
At the time of your appointment, the genetic counseling service will call you. During your appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss genetic testing results, what they may mean for you, and have your questions answered. You may also discuss further options you may want to consider. After the session, a summary of your session will be provided.