Most Of Type 2 Diabetes Are Inheritable And The Risk Can Be Mitigated

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) arises from a reduction in metabolic capacity of pancreatic beta cells and prolonged increased demand for insulin. The pathophysiological processes that underlie T2D start decades before the onset of symptoms, and studies estimate that nearly 70% of type 2 diabetes is inheritable. Knowing your genetics can help identify the risk of developing T2D and most effective intervention.



Genetic Testing Provides

  • Insights for risk
  • Implications for intervention and life style selection



Advantages Of GBInsight Type 2 Diabetes Risk Gene Testing (GB-T2D)

GBInsight genetic testing and analysis was developed by a joint venture between GBHealthWatch and Otogenetics for various chronic diseases. Otogenetics designed the probes and developed the custom GB-T2D gene panel test based on the target lists provided by GBHealthWatch.  Teams of genetics, nutrition, bioinformatics, NGS scientists from both companies worked together to develop the test of over one hundred genes associated with beta cell development, beta cell dysfunction, and insulin resistance. The test gives you the comprehensive results needed to understand the risk of developing T2D and the best methods for intervention.



Genetic Testing And Analysis



129 Genes Sampled