RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq)

The Power of Quality RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) to Digitally Profile Gene Expression in the 10E6 Dynamic Range and to Reveal Alternative Splicing, Structural Variations, and Novel Transcripts

RNA Sequencing or RNA-Seq meets the challenge of profiling complex RNA transcriptome

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) sequences RNAs (or the complementary DNAs converted from RNAs), allowing a complete profile of the cellular transcriptome or cellular RNA composition, including:

  • RNA levels
  • RNA types
  • alternative splicing 
  • structural variations (such as gene fusions and nucleotide changes)
  • novel transcripts

Moreover, the sensitivity to detect low abundant transcripts can be increased by adjusting sequencing depth. Check out more about RNA sequencing basics and RNA sequencing advantages in RNA sequencing VS microarray, a traditional gene expression profile approach with a limited dynamic range, low sensitivity, and incapable of analyzing new transcripts, structure variations, and alternative splicing.

RNA Sequencing is a powerful tool to identify genes expressed under differential conditions for research and biomarker discovery

Rna Seq Differential Expression Volcano Plot V617
8 samples in each condition were included, identifying genes or biomarkers for each condition

Otogenetics offers optimized RNA sequencing workflows for different sample types to achieve specific project goals

We implement stringent RNA sequencing quality control and rigorous quality assurance (QA) standards to achieve  high quality and high fidelity in a 10E6 dynamic range. Our GCLP compliant workflows have been used by academic and pharmaceutical researchers around world. Their publications illustrate the versatility and the power of quality RNA-seq analysis performed by Otogenetics in discovery. The power of RNA sequencing provided by Otogenetics has also facilitated clinical trials to profile disease states and treatment efficacy

Let the experienced staff at Otogenetics help you to determine the best approach for your samples, and the most cost-effective method to accomplish your goals. 

Flexible RNA sequencing workflows based on project goals:

  • mRNA Sequencing (mRNA-Seq)
  • long noncoding RNA Sequencing (lncRNA-Seq)
  • smRNA  Sequencing and/or miRNA Sequencing (smRNA-Seq and/or miRNA-Seq)
  • Directional / stranded RNA Sequencing (stranded RNA-Seq)
  • ChIPed RNA Sequencing
  • Targeted RNA Sequencing
  • Low Input RNA Sequencing 

Flexible RNA Sample Inputs Accommodated

Flexible sequencing scale (request any depth)

  • 8-20 million reads - expression analysis
  • 40 million reads - detect splicing
  • 80 million reads - low frequency transcripts

Reporting Options to Fit Your Needs for RNA Analysis

  • Raw Data (Fastq files after data QC)
  • Mapping, Alignment and Expression Levels
  • Comparison of expression levels between samples or sample groups
  • Gene Enrichment Analysis
  • Custom Analysis Available

Click here to see an example analysis report.