An emerging medical discipline that involves using genomic information about an individual as part of their clinical care and the health outcomes.  Otogenetics is applying genomic medicine and making an impact in the fields of oncology, pharmacology, rare, undiagnosed and chronic diseases.


Genomic Medicine In Oncology For Personalized Medication Plan

Combines whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing to identify molecular fingerprint of a patient, including variants and CNV.  The molecular data was used to model a unique treatment plan for individual cancer patients who had failed generic treatment.


Genomic Medicine In Oncology For Personalized Cancer Immunotherapies

Combines whole exome sequencing and RNA sequencing from germline and tumor tissues to profile tumor molecularly.  The results are used to identify the unique antigens of the patient’s tumor to elicit immunotherapy targeting the tumors specifically.


Genomic Medicine In Personalized Health Management For Inherited Rare Diseases

Otogenetics offers gene testing for specific diseases, such as hearing loss and heart diseases.  The tests reveal precisely the cause of the diseases and provide guidance to select the most appropriate intervention and prevention plan. e.g. identification of Usher gene mutations as the cause of hearing loss could advise patients to take preventive measure to delay the onset of blindness, and the gene target for gene therapy to treat blindness.


Expanded Carrier And Newborn Screen That Allows Identification Of Severe Inherited Rare Or Metabolic Diseases For Early Intervention And Prevention

The tests can identify the risks for sudden death from cardiomyopathy and prevent onset of diseases such as biotin deficiency that can be managed by biotin supplement to prevent the pleotid health problems associated and prevent onset of hearing loss.


Why Choose Us?

Once your tests are completed, we want you to have the information you need to diagnose the root cause of health conditions

  • Ease: Customized and concise reports with actionable result for patient care
  • Expertise: Experience in genetic testing for over 10 years
  • Reliability: Our test is performed by highly trained staffs, with high percentage of MS/PhD scientists, ensuring the accuracy of results
  • Prompt: Quick turnaround time


State Of The Art Technique

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques eliminate ambiguities at every locus compared to other genetic testing methods
  • Our lab is among the first laboratories in the world to apply NGS for clinical diagnosis. Our experts keep up with the latest discoveries related to medical genetics, so that medical practitioners can focus on their patients


Reliable Reporting Fits Your Needs

  • Diagnostic Reports for patient specific diagnosis
  • Highlighting of information critical to patient care
  • Applies the most complete clinical databases for interpretation
  • Bioinformatics Analysis Report for researchers looking for variants based on published literature
  • Reviewed by PhD/MD with specialization in medical genetics