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Nutrition gene panel test for Alzheimer's prevention

GB HealthWatch awarded grant to develop nutrition mobile app for Alzheimer's prevention using nutrition gene panel test co-developed with Otogenetics. Learn more here.

NEW low input RNA-Seq service!

Otogenetics Corporation now offers services for low input RNA. Learn more by downloading our white paper on RNA Sequencing service from as little as 10 cells.

Otogenetics Corporation teams up with GB HealthWatch to develop DNA tests for preventable metabolic diseases for personalized wellness programs. Check out the full story


Otogenetics becomes CLIA certified courtesy of Genologics

In this short question and answer session, Brantley Wyatt, Senior Project Technician at Otogenetics, discusses Otogenetics and the steps they took to get ready for their CLIA audit.

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Otogenetics' Tim Schwartz discusses their Clarity LIMS implementation

Otogenetics is a targeted NGS sequencing provider based in Atlanta, GA. GenoLogics Clarity LIMS talked to Tim Schwartz, our COO and Clinical Laboratory Director, about how our implementation of Clarity LIMS enables our lab to offer the fastest turnaround-times in the market for exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, custom and clinical panels.